House Martins Nesting in St Giles’

This summer we have become home to a family of house martins who have made their nest in the eaves IMG_6804of the porch of St Giles’ church in Horspath.  Daily you can see the adult birds swooping into the porch to feed their young.  They have strayed into the church and delighted all of us at David Passmore’s funeral on Wednesday when one of the birds joined us in the church for the service.  Luckily, they have always managed to find their way out and not left any mess on the carpet.  The same cannot be said of the porch but we are all in agreement that we would rather have the problem of cleaning up after the birds rather than not have them at all.  The brood have recently flown the nest but still come back to sit on the wooden rafters for us all to enjoy.