Rare Plant in Garsington Churchyard

There is a plant growing in Garsington Churchyard that, whilst common in some parts of the country, is very rare in Oxfordshire. There are only a handful of records in the last 20 years, Garsington, one in Woodstock and three in Oxford City. The plant is called White Ramping Fumitory (Fumaria capreolata) and it is growing in the gravel by the benches at the back of the church against the wall.   Coastal regions seem to be its natural habitat.  I would guess that it was brought to the churchyard on the shoe of a visitor, perhaps a parishioner returning from holiday. It may not survive for very long and this is something that will be interesting to monitor.

Amateur botanist, Fay BanksWhite ramping fumitory 2

Fumaria capreolata

White ramping fumitory